Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm is a center for retreats, farmers’ markets, educational events, and workshops  that aim to empower and transform individuals seeking to live healthier lives. We reach out to the global community to provide progressive health education and long-lasting health treatments.

We are Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm

The health practitioners, farmers, staff and supporters of Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm envision a global community working in harmony with nature to sustain healthy lifestyles.

Our programs in Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm fulfill two aims:

a) treat illnesses with Integrative Medicine and holistic therapies and b) offer health education.

With these treatment aims, we offer people with natural (or alternative) therapies so they can lead healthier lives. Our educational aims teach program participants and customers how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
We also teach farmers healthy farming methods and organic farming training. Finally, we educate fellow advocates of Integrative Medicine through workshops and tours.

We envision a global community equipped with the skills and knowledge to attain long-lasting health. Our approaches to health focus on nutrition, health education and holistic therapies.    Our programs can be customized to your treatment and health education goals. We provide adult classes self-development and awareness. While farmer classes focused on local ecological training, organic farming, and organic food harvest techniques. Past health education workshops offered developmentally appropriate hands-on children’s education. We also design health classes for children with special needs.


Meet The Team

Eleanor “Elle” Rivera.  Founder, Integrative Nurse Coach, Health and Preventive Medicine Educator

As the Founder of Healing Present Nature and Wellness Center, Inc., Elle designed the treatment programs, products and menus. Under her direction, Healing Present offers services and products derived from Holistic Healing, Integrative Medicine, and Nutrition-based Detoxification. The programs were designed to  strengthen people with  chronic health conditions such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, stroke, psoriasis, and heart attack.

She offers workshops in organic food preparation, juicing, yoga, meditation, and stress reduction.  Elle is  the Center’s Head health coach and Integrative Nurse.  Before Elle started Healing Present, she was an educator.  In addition, she owned a successful nursing agency in New Jersey, USA for 18 years.  During her agency days, she became a registered nurse. Educated in Bank Street College (New York), Fairleigh Dickenson University (New Jersey), and University of Philippines (Diliman), Elle  earned her MA Early Childhood Education, BS Nursing degree, and BS Psychology.

Merlita “Millet” Mialda.   Senior Therapist & Staffing Coordinator

As Senior Therapist and  Staffing Coordinator,  Millet believes ‘Healing starts with our undivided presence to our guests…Everyone [is treated with] respect and courtesy.’ She manages other therapists in our 24-hour service during Wellness Retreats. Further, she develops custom treatment plans for Wellness Retreat guests with the Founder.  She is especially proud of the effective nutrition-based therapy administered in Healing Present.

Millet has been a professional in the spa industry for over 8 years. She started in Healing Present as a guest therapist in 2009. Impressed with Healing Present’s program design and methods, she decided to work full-time with Healing Present.

Daniel “Dani” Conejar.    Organic Farm Consultant

Dani is  Healing Present’s organic farm consultant.  Additionally, he is a liaison of Healing Present’s Bukidnon-based fruits and vegetables.  At the core of Dani’s work, he advocates for humans’ right to clean air, soil and water for safety, health and sustainability.  He is a  practitioner of permaculture and natural farming. He advocates human rights and environmental justiceHe finished a degree in AB Philosophy and Literature at Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro. He then joined the Jesuit Volunteers Philippines after graduation.

Ricardo “Carding” Casipong.   Farm Manager & Safety Coordinator

As the Farm Manager and Safety Coordinator, Carding oversees Healing Present’s Farm and health facility maintenance.  He ensures locally-sourced, organic fresh vegetables and fruits are used in Healing Present Nature and Wellness Center’s retreats, Bistro, Market kiosk, and Organic Juicing Program.  He supervises and coordinates the ornate landscape designs in the Bistro and Farm. During  Wellness Retreats, Carding ensures the 5-star facilities are well-maintained.  Carding is an Agriculture Technology graduate with a major in Agricultural Engineering.   Before finding his way to Healing Present Nature and Wellness Center,  he worked in reforestation projects, construction safety and security detail.

Premy Yutrago.  Quality Control Manager

Premy manages the production of Biolactic Probiotics, Herbal Tonic, Mud Therapy and Coffee.  As a Healing Present advocate, she uses Healing Present smoothies, juicing program and 4-Day Detox treatments to treat her children’s illnesses.  She has also availed to Healing Present’s products to successfully treat her own kidney condition.

Claire Olasiman.   Sous Chef and Bistro Coordinator

With her innate ability to distinguish different flavors found in food, Claire became a pro in the kitchen in no time.  She prepared meals with creativity and love for food, she was an enthusiastic culinary apprentice  in Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm. After her apprenticeship, Claire began to oversee the Bistro menu.  Now, she coordinates with the Farm harvest managers.  During the Wellness retreats, she composes the daily, plant-powered menu for the 4 days.  She ensures the retreatants are given balanced plant-powered meals and HP juices.  She  coordinates with the farm managers and the Senior therapist to develop a customized  retreat menu.  Menus depend on the seasonal harvest, dietary needs and the therapeutic goals of the retreatants.

Lanie Patrolla.  Junior Therapist

Lanie assists the Senior Therapist during the 4-Day Wellness Retreat.  Further, she administers the Healing Boosts Organic Juicing program to retreat participants.  Inspired by Healing Present, she now feeds her children nutritious, vegan meals.  She also has built an organic backyard garden at her home in Negros Oriental.

Mario Yago.    Farm Repair and Maintenance Coordinator

Mario is one of the main construction managers and builders in Healing Present. Mario has more than 20 years of construction management experience.  Before working with Healing Present, Mario’s daughter was a Healing Present guest.  As a guest, Healing Present treated his daughter’s leukemia with non-invasive techniques.  In 2013, he decided to join the team as a construction foreman. He has built harvest facilities, animal housing and  other essential farm structures in Healing Present Nature and Wellness Center.  Further, he coordinates and co-manages major renovations in the Farm and Bistro.

Gerry  Yanoc.  Assistant Farm Manager and Transportation Coordinator

Gerry co-manages the Farm production and harvest. Additionally, he coordinates product deliveries for our Farmer’s Market and Bistro.   Gerry manages the maintenance and installation of gardens in the Bistro and Farm.  Moreover, he secures the safety and care of the Farm’s animals. As transportation manager, he ensures the maintenance of all the Farm vehicles.

Mai Pages.   Photographer

Mai contributes her impeccable photography to Healing Present’s promotional and educational materials.  As the owner of her photography business, ShutterFairy, she captures the unique programs and services of Healing Present Nature and Wellness Center.  Her talents and dedication help Healing Present convey the quality of our treatment programs to a wider audience. We use her photographs in our on-line and print publications.  When she’s not creating enticing photos, Healing Present counts on her sophisticated taste buds to test the new vegan dishes in our Bistro.

Kim Cavada.  Design and Product Consultant

Kim works with Mai Pages to create brilliant photographs for our promotional and educational materials.  She stages Bistro products and Farm products.  She simultaneously co-directs photo-shoots for our health programs.  Her sense of style and bold design is vital.  The composition in each photo showcases the beauty and elegance of Healing Present’s programs and products.

Additionally, Kim researches and helps develop the Healing Present skin care products and detoxification programs.  As a health advocate inspired by Healing Present, Kim prepares plant-powered meals  for her beloved husband and three children.