Christine and Collen, a young couple, completed the juicing program and retreat.

Christine sought help for her reproductive health, weight gain, depression, and fatty liver. She updates Healing Present with fabulous news. Since the program, she writes ‘ [my body has] transformed to healthier one…i am able to sleep well and have lots of strength to make it through the day without sleepiness.. I am so happy to have learned all the healthy things to do for my body, mind and soul.. Me and my husband have never been happier with all the healthy cooking and less arguments. We now know…life not just earning money but living a happy stress free healthy God centered life.‘ She has lost 20 kilos. She’s reduced the amount of diabetes medication. She no longer is required to take 5 maintenance medication for her fatty liver and cholesterol. She no longer has to take medications for her poly-cystic uterus. And she is no longer medicated for depression and mood swings.  As of early March 2016, she weighs a healthy 60 kilos.  1239447_10153477733775949_3618609267594320826_n

Collen came to Healing Present with high cholesterol, post nasal syndrome and high blood pressure. After completing the programs, he joyfully writes, ‘In my blood work before the retreat I was shocked by the result because i have higher cholesterol than my wife‘. Now he reports, ‘I am happy to have done the retreat and now finishing with my juicing’. His cholesterol has lowered. His neck pain, high blood pressure and post nasal syndrome symptoms have lessened.’