Curriculum-Building for Educators

This program is for educators interested in using nature as a fundamental learning tool to affect positive lifestyle change.  We teach educators how to form curricula centered on topics such as  environmental exploration, nutrition, and environmental stewardship. To book a workshop, contact us. 

For instance, we have  helped educators build lesson plans on the origin of food. These lesson plans ask students to explore the query:

Where does our food come from?  

Curricula can help children explore the ecological connections to organic food.  Children are compelled to explore our farms,food crops, gardens, ecosystems, plants, and animals.  Activities in curricula can include observations and interactive investigation with farmers who grow our toxin-free fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices.  Educators learn how to espouse healthy food and healthy, well-cared environments.  In turn students of all ages learn that if we take care of the  environment, our environment takes care of us.   Contact us for a workshop.