Last Nov 2014, Ethel was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. Now, fifteen months later, she has ‘never been healthier and happier.  Ever since she was diagnosed she never took any medication. She, instead, designed dietary protocols to strengthen herself through alternative means: Detoxification, Avoid acidic food, and Eat Raw to consume powerful enzymes.  She approached Eleanor at Healing Present to try the Organic Juicing Program and retreat.  After following the program for 11 months she no longer has cancer.  Her tumor marker went from 153 to 0.  She writes:

Being diagnosed was the most humbling experience since I realized how ephemeral life truly is and how I had absolutely no control over it. But cancer was the best thing that happened to me. I have learned to appreciate how loved and blessed I am. I know the exact moment that I got HEALED…when I was able to face my demons and once and for all conquer them… March 24, 2015…the second day of the 4 day retreat of Healing Present.

Although I did a lot of [dietary] protocols, Healing Present with the ever beautiful soul of Ms Elle Rivera , gently guided me to understand the ROOT CAUSE of why I became sick. Joining the four day retreat was the best decision my husband and I made in this healing journey. An overwhelming sense of gratitude overcame me….forgiveness and love burst out from my heart….and I felt God’s HEALING PRESENCE flow through me. LOVE IS THE ANSWER…..if you can not forgive you can not love….and if you can not love you can not heal…..

Two months after my surgery I went back to work. I am still working now…and sexier to boot according to my husband 😉 Last October 2015 , 11 months after the diagnosis I got tested for CA 153 , the blood test for breast cancer tumor marker…the result was 0.00. My God is an awesome God. Now I am in perfect health and I am living a divinely and richly guided life….NAMASTE.’

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