What happens during the Juicing Program?

You drink  6 juices a day for 7 days. Drink according to your needs. The juices that are not finished for the day can be consumed the next day. The juice can then extend to more than 7 days, depending on your rate of consumption.  It’s simple. No more excuses. Be healthy now.

Get the Organic Boost with  7-Day Juicing Program

We invite you to

O P E N.       E N H A N C E.       E N L I V E N.     S H A K E.         L I F T.                 K I C K.

The Healing Boosts Juicing Program’s comprehensive blend of probiotics, fruits and vegetables is inspired by the Modified Gerson Therapy Diet. In the Healing Present Juicing Program, you consume an abundance of nutrients from fresh and organic juices. They provide a superdose of enzymes, minerals and nutrients. These substances then break down diseased tissue in the body. The Juices feed you with the metabolic requirement of nutrients


Afterwards your metabolism requires intensive detoxification to eliminate wastes, regenerate the liver, and activate the immune system. During the Juicing Program, Healing Present teaches to become mindful of what you eat.  You’ll also learn raw juices offers the building blocks our bodies need to function, grow, and repair. Juices also gives you more energy, more mental focus, and chronic conditions dissipate.


Amazing health is only possible when your vital organs are functioning at levels of  optimal performance. Juicing helps you regulate your organs’ functions.  You create optimal health when you drink the Juices, detoxify and cleanse your entire body.  Cleansing leads to a strengthened immune system, ready to fight chronic conditions.  Juicing preserves most enzymes unlike when the ingredients are cooked where the enzymes are destroyed by the heat. It also crushes the indigestible fibers in much larger quantities that are not assimilated when the fruit or vegetable is eaten raw. Detoxification results in blood and tissue cleansing by naturally stimulating the cleansing capacity of the organs. It can help in the elimination of accumulated wastes and toxins in the body from polluted environment, over-dependence on medicines and drug abuse. Moreover, it is also responsible for regulating our pH balance as well as the level of necessary elements like water, sodium and potassium vital for the body to function well. Thus, detoxification works both as a regular body re-energizing/cleansing program and a targeted liver/kidney/skin cleansing program.

The Healing Present Juicing Program is an innovative and natural solution to improve and optimize your health.  



Benefits experienced by Juicing Program participants:

  • No longer spending on medications
  • No longer spending on expensive surgeries
  • No longer undergoing life-threatening surgeries
  • No longer spending on ineffective, synthetic food supplements

42 nutrient and enzyme-packed juices cost Php17,850.00