My name is Ethel Maiello, I am 47 years old, married and blessed with an eight year old beautiful son. Last Nov 2014, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. Now, fifteen months later I have never been healthier and happier. Please allow me to share with you my journey to HEALING.

I had right breast mastectomy, 24 Nov 2014. After the surgery I was told to rebuild my strength so I can be ready for the next round of treatments…the dreaded CHEMOTHERAPHY. My husband and I decided to lie low for awhile…to get away from it all…so we spent Christmas 2014 at Surigao del Sur with my elder sister’s family. While there, away from all the well meaning advice, the pressures of concerned friends and relatives…we finally reached our decision….we will fight this the way we believe it can be defeated….not through the “accepted” course of treatment…but through HOLISTIC healing…the total healing of the mind, body and spirit….
When you are faced with your very own mortality…a lot of things take on different meanings. All of a sudden the things that I took for granted … the simple pleasures of life that I overlooked…the abundant blessings that went unnoticed….they became magnified…and HUMBLED me….i realized how foolish I had been….and how lucky to be AWAKENED…IN TIME!

Ever since I was diagnosed I never took any medication. I took the less travelled route. With the support and love of my husband…my very beautiful son as my greatest inspiration and the outpouring of help and encouragement from friends and family….I took matters in my hands and decided to meet cancer head on….with my God on my side…how could I lose?
My husband did a lot of research. I trusted his judgment. And slowly we designed protocols that we believe would help me get stronger.
These are the main things that composed my new habits when I embraced a radical shift in my lifestyle:
1. DETOXIFY – To do this I started eating organic produce. Drank only filtered water (KANGEN), and slowly eliminated toxic foods from my diet. No more refined sugar, refined grains, damaged fats (no more fried food and I use only EVOO and coconut oil for cooking now) , no more refined salt but Himalayan pink salt instead, no more artificial colors and flavors . I eat detoxifying foods and fiber and support my lymphatic system by getting regular massages and dry skin brushing every day. But my biggest triumph was giving up meat ?. I do daily coffee enema and take detoxifying supplements like Vit C, Vit D3, Vit E and Milk Thistle and of course the most important of all…my main protocol ORGANIC JUICING.
2. OXYGENATE CELLS –Again plant based diet. MUST BE ORGANIC though. Drinking adequate amounts of liquid including my herbal tonic and Essiac Tea with KANGEN Water. Supplements like kelp and spirulina and Beta Glucan. Breathing exercises….gentle stretches…yoga…meditation….
3. MONITOR PH – I avoid acidic food especially meat. I stopped drinking coffee, flavored juices and soda. I mainly eat alkaline food and most of them plant based as much as possible.
4. TURN ON THE POWER OF ENZYMES – I read a book, You Are What You Eat by Dr. Hiromi Shinya, and it really helped a lot. This book made me understand why as raw as possible is the best diet for me.

Being diagnosed was the most humbling experience since I realized how ephemeral life truly is and how I had absolutely no control over it. But cancer was the best thing that happened to me. I have learned to appreciate how loved and blessed I am. I know the exact moment that I got HEALED….when I was able to face my demons and once and for all conquer them….. March 24, 2015…..the second day of the 4 day retreat of Healing Present.
Although I did a lot of protocols, Healing Present with the ever beautiful soul of Ms Elle Rivera , gently guided me to understand the ROOT CAUSE of why I became sick. Joining the four day retreat was the best decision my husband and I made in this healing journey. An overwhelming sense of gratitude overcame me….forgiveness and love burst out from my heart….and I felt God’s HEALING PRESENCE flow through me. LOVE IS THE ANSWER…..if you can not forgive you can not love….and if you can not love you can not heal…..
Two months after my surgery I went back to work. I am still working now…and sexier to boot according to my husband 😉 Last October 2015 , 11 months after the diagnosis I got tested for CA 153 , the blood test for breast cancer tumor marker…the result was 0.00. My God is an awesome God.
I have decided to share my experience especially to those suffering from pain and anxiety because of cancer. It is a challenge yes…but it is just cancer. It cannot shatter hope. It can not shake faith. It can not diminish love. My name is Ethel Maiello, I am in perfect health and I am living a divinely and richly guided life….NAMASTE.