Joey, a mother of five children and personal home-school educator for her family, completed the 4 day Wellness Retreat and 2 weeks of the Organic Juicing Program. She gratefully writes:

I would like to thank Healing Present for introducing organic coffee enema to us. I recently came back from the US and people were expecting me to have gained weight but when they saw me, everyone was just complimenting me for the obvious weight loss! I just turned 42 and have never felt so much energy! The purpose of the organic coffee enema was not really for weight loss but for a healthier liver, among other health benefits, But I don’t mind this side effect of losing 5kgs! But beware! Before trying out this method, do experience first hand the 4-day Wellness Retreat that Healing Present gives. You need proper education and guidance. Trust me, it’s worth every penny! We use organic coffee harvested from Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm…. Best to try the 4-day Wellness Retreat offered by Healing Present coz there are tons of healthy options they would teach you! Our kids have stopped eating MEAT and drinking MILK coz of the 4-day Wellness Retreat! If you’re planning to do the retreat, bring the whole family! It’s ALL WORTH IT!