Louella came to Healing Present with diabetes and gout.  She completed the 4-Day Retreat in March 2016 and shares her experience:
I had no idea at all what I’d go through when I joined the Four-Day Healing Present Retreat. But I am always open to new experiences and with an open heart and mind, I was determined to get the best from the next four days.
It was a glorious time of pampering and treating the body lovingly. It helped that the venue was a charming rustic farm set in a mountain in the Northwestern part of Cebu. Bird songs awaken us and the clean mountain air invigorates the senses . The participants went through a regimen of yoga, massages, cleansing and spiritual sessions  The main program was the juicing. We were made to drink juices made from vegetables and herbs which nourished and cleansed our bodies. 
 Amazingly, I noticed  that my gout disappeared after the second day! The affected toe did not hurt anymore. I brought my gout medicine but I kept forgetting to take it as I was already very sleepy after my nightly massage. Another great thing was I had to stop my Insulin injections on the third day as I experienced very low readings 30 min after my Insulin injection. Because of this, I committed to try to eat a plant-based diet after the four days retreat. This requires a drastic lifestyle change for me in terms of food because I love to cook!
I can say that the Four-Day Healing Present Retreat is a gift of new life for me.