Mai, a mother of 3 and self-employed photographer, participated in Healing Present programs for weight loss and her goiter.  She completed the 4-day Wellness Retreat. Afterwards, her immune system was strengthened, weight was regulated and energy level improved.  She continues to be a vegetarian and writes:

Because sometimes, I feel that I need to uproot myself from city life (the crazy traffic, household dilemmas, deadlines, and meetings) and the humdrum of my busy schedule… My family and I went to Healing Present Wellness Farm in Balamban for four days. There, I learned to commune with nature and be grateful for the moment. It felt surreal being there! It was so quiet, it was deafening in a good way. It was just myself, the place and a higher being. I couldn’t describe the peacefulness and the happiness. It was like magic dust were sprinkled everywhere. And when I see the trees dance with the wind and look at the sky like I could just hold their fluffiness. Everything I experienced there was new to my senses.’

Read the full entry on Mai’s blog. And here are some of her beautiful portraits of our programs.