Mikey, a 34-year old, is an active father of two and a husband.  He was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins lymphoma in October 2013. After diagnosis, he opted out of chemotherapy.  Instead, heparticipated in the Organic  Juicing Program and 4 Day Wellness Retreat.  After joining us on a Wellness  Retreat in December 2013, he sent a heartfelt thanks:

I opted for no surgery, no chemo and no radiation for my cancer. Instead, I continued to detoxify through the learnings from the 4Day detox retreat last Dec 2013 and until now still doing the Organic juicing program and Herbal Tonic plus the super duper Green and Yellow Smoothies. I was back to work in no time. According to my office mates who are Healing Present advocates, the noticeable energy level has been so amazing soon after the 4 day detox retreat. I started gaining weight and looking quite good and healthy.

Mikey continues to  follow the Retreat recommendations for his cancer.  He still follows the Organic Juicing Program and the Coffee Enema techniques.