Nutrition & Organic Food Workshops

This series of workshops are for those interested in learning more about holistic nutrition and preparing organic meals. Topics covered include vegetarianism and raw foodism. Workshops are open to various community groups. In the past, we’ve taught women’s groups, farmers, social workers, mothers, educators, health care providers, and corporate teams. Contact us for more details.

After completing our workshops and programs, participants understand how high-quality,  organic, plant-powered nutrition  strengthens their bodies and minds.  We teach participants how to harvest, cook and taste exciting new foods like organic makrut lime and quinoa.

Equipped with new cooking techniques, people of all ages look forward to altering eating habits at home.  Children and adults are excited to teach new  recipes that can help their family and friends.  The participants understand nutrition leads to longer, productive lives.  Elderly participants acutely understand this.  They know smart food habits will give them more time with family and grandchildren.  Check out past participant’s reviews.