raw brocolli soup (2)
Pomelo Arugula Quinoa Salad with Tahini Avocado Dressing_
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The Organic Bistro

Nourish yourself with Organic, Divine, and Gorgeous meals at  our Bistro.  Pleasantly surprise your palate with our FARM-to-PLATE Scrumptious and Healing dishes.

We also offer yummy and nutrient-dense, plant-powered meals  from hearty entrees to delightful soups and sandwiches.   Each dish is combined with fragrant pestos, dips, and signature sauces.  We grace your day with  delectable smoothies, detox juices, and sorbets.  At our Bistro, we offer also highly recommended Healing Present’s Organic Juicing Program.

Our vegetarian and raw vegan delights seriously keep you healthy. Did you know fresh vegetarian meals can benefit your Heart, Digestive System and Immune System by:

  • Preventing an excess of wastes in kidneys and kidney disease
  • Preventing heart disease
  • Preventing cholesterol accumulation on the arterial walls
  • Preventing heart attacks and lethal strokes
  • Aiding digestion and metabolism
  • Preventing weight gain and high blood pressure
  • Preventing meat-related salmonella infection and other bacterial infections
  • Preventing the onset of colon cancer
  • Boosting immune system

Our Menu

Our meals change with the season and harvest.  Contact us for our menu details.

Soup & Salad – Php350

Soup & Sandwich – 350

Salad & Sandwich – 350


Welcome Drink, Appetizer, Soup & Salad, Main Dish with

Dessert with Signature Tonic


Still need more? Here are extras that go well with your meal!

Signature Drink – 75

Appetizer – 150

Dessert with Signature Tonic – 150