Rosette reviews one of our nutrition workshops in September 2012. If you’re interested, contact us. Rosette writes:

Free tastes get better if it’s organic! Free demos are quite popular in department stores and supermarkets. Although they pretty much catch every one’s attention, I am not really a major fan of those except if a free taste is offered! But this time, I intentionally went to the Rustan’s Supermarket at Ayala Center Cebu yesterday afternoon to witness a free demo from Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm’s Ms. Eleanor A. Rivera who does the free demonstration herself on preparing organic food!  Eleonor explaining to us the essential of the veggie before putting it to the blender for the green smoothie.  There she was, already demonstrating how to prepare an organic and vegan lumpia (wrap). The wrap itself is gluten free with organic lettuce.  Then, the best part came as she showed us how to make a green smoothie! One doesn’t really need milk to make such creamy smoothies. Most if not all of Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm’s food are prepared raw to preserve the food enzymes of the veggies and fruits that could help it work in our body more.  Since, it is raw, it is best eaten organic because it will be like eating pesticides if it isn’t and might as well cook it but there’s a great chance of getting bad cholesterol as well. As what she said that afternoon, whatever oil even as healthy as EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), once heated could still produce bad cholesterol.

My share of the Green Smoothie. Yum!  There are numerous plants, herbs and fruits used in the concoctions such as the smoothie but just to name a few, it includes oregano, turmeric, lemongrass, calamansi, basil, ginger, passion fruit and soursop or guyabano.  All of which have been known to have its own essential uses to the body take for example guyabano that has been greatly related to killing cancer 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy! Amazing huh!

My personal favorites are the Green Smoothie, Herbal Tonic (a good alternative for tea) and the Green and Tomato Pesto which is perfect for dips and pasta (yes, with my favorite pasta!).


I am thankful that I attended Human Nature’s Magalogue Turnover and Product Launch at the Mandaue branch where I first saw Ms. Rivera last Saturday as she was introduced and awarded the Pinay and Proud of Human Nature Mandaue Branch at the Orchard Hotel. She is indeed Pinay and Proud because aside from her advocacy on natural healing, indigenous and integrative medicine, she is also a social entrepreneur in the Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm since proceeds from these endeavors goes back to the farming community who are assisting with the farm. The Healing Present 4-day Wellness Retreat, which is a program that helps you detox, rejuvenate and start a healthier lifestyle with Yoga sessions, scrubs and more! Now, I can’t help but spread the word!

Can’t get enough of Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm? Check out their website and you can also catch Ms. Eleanor Rivera and taste the concoctions. Looking forward to see you there!