Organic Farming Workshops

Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm offers workshops for local farmers.  We teach new and established farmers how to care for nutritious vining crops like passionfruit. Many of our guests and Wellness Retreat participants are inspired to build gardens at home when they visit us.  We teach them container gardening or refer them to our Farm Design experts. The Retreat participants  especially love the idea of charming, organic kitchen gardens and medicinal, backyard ‘farm-acies.’

These interactive workshops teach farmers and new gardeners how to transform their farming practices.  The workshops are based on the techniques used to supply our BISTRO and FARMER’S MARKET Our lessons impart high-yielding permaculture and natural farming techniques.  We also demonstrate how farming methods affect our food’s quality. We teach organic farming must demand local community’s environmental stewardship. Organic farming also teaches the community that fresh food ensures communities are healthy. Contact us if you’d like to book an organic farm workshop.

Farmer’s Market

Organic Farming that Respects the Environment

Healing Present teaches and practices organic farm production.

We use this food cultivation approach because it keeps air, water, and soil clean. One hectare of Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm is used to grow produce in Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm’s bistro meals and products. By eating and using Healing Present Organic ingredients, you limit your exposure to synthetic pesticides that damage skin, cause cancer and deteriorate nervous systems . Finally, organic meals limit your intake of genetically modified foods–they damage your bodily health and environmental health.

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