Guest Reviews

Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm is honored to guide you in your Healing Journey. Below are healing experiences from past guests, cookbook readers, retreat participants and customers. It’s our pleasure to share to you the wonderful stories of healing and paradigm shifts that took place in people’s’ lives. These are people from various walks of life who have been touched by Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm.

Terry a 50-year old with Stage IV breast cancer, chronic pain and bouts of insomnia sought treatment a Healing Present. Today, she still continues to practice the Organic Juicing Program. After completing the 3rd day of her juicing program, exclaimed gratitude to Eleanor Rivera, Healing Present’s Founder. She wrote:

I am so grateful to God that I’ve met u… 1 to 6 juices a day helps me regain my sleeping habit which i lost after taking so much meds and undergoing chemos… I love the juices u have with the herbal tonic…. Thanks a lot Mam.. U are a God given friend to us who suffer this kind of illness… More power to Healing Present

Self employed entrepreneur, Nino completed the 4 day Wellness Retreat. After the retreat he thanks Rivera, the Healing Present Founder:

I am very thankful Maam El for everything! the knowledge and experience was truly amazing. Priceless! Daghan kaayung opportunity ang naabli after the retreat..And it changed me as a person and the way I look at the environment. Salamat kaayu! And I was serious about collaborating the sport and your nutrition as a vegan.. And having the sports complex in the green environment like your place.. God moves in mysterious ways.

After completing the organic juicing and liver cleansing workshop at Healing Present, Liza shares:

I’m Liza, 43, a mother of 3, was diagnosed with Stage IIB breast cancer. I stopped my chemo after the 3rd cycle because I wasn’t feeling better. I started Juicing on November 2014 and that’s when i experienced a miracle. I’m so happy to be cancer-free while living a healthy lifestyle. Healing of the body is as important as healing the soul. Forgiveness and giving love compliments well with the juicing and the coffee enema.

Bon, a 34-year old, is an active father of 2 and husband, diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma last year 2013. After diagnosis, he opted out of chemotherapy and participated in the Organic Juicing Program and 4 Day Wellness Retreat. After joining us on a retreat he sent a heartfelt thanks:

I opted for no surgery, no chemo and no radiation for his cancer. Instead, I continued to detoxify through the learnings from the 4Day detox retreat last Dec 2013 and until now still doing the Organic juicing program and Herbal Tonic plus the super duper Green and Yellow Smoothies. I was back to work in no time. According to my office mates who are Healing Present advocates, the noticeable energy level has been so amazing soon after the 4 day detox retreat. I started gaining weight and looking quite good and healthy. Happy to report I’m having so much fun vacationing with my wife in the USA!!!

Melinda Melinda, a 55-year old executive, seeking weight loss and a treatment for chronic gastritis. After completing the juicing program Melinda explains:

After eating so much and violating my pesca-vegan diet during my 4-day vacation in Singapore, I decided to detox my system once I returned to Cebu. I took these Healing Present juices for straight 7 days, instead of the usual 4 days detox period. This juice diet not only jumped start my system to get back to my pesca-vegan diet, it also made me lose 8 lbs.

Jaq After the attending Healing Present 4 day wellness retreat, Jaq wanted to impart healthy-eating practices to his beloved grandparents. He promptly texted the retreat lessons to make sure his grandma and grandpa understood the consequences of their diet. Amazing health revolution between two different generations!

Joey, a mother of five children and personal home-school educator for her family, completed the 4 day Wellness retreat and 2 weeks of the Organic Juicing Program. She gratefully writes:

I would like to thank Healing Present for introducing organic coffee enema to us. I recently came back from the US and people were expecting me to have gained weight but when they saw me, everyone was just complimenting me for the obvious weight loss! I just turned 42 and have never felt so much energy! The purpose of the organic coffee enema was not really for weight loss but for a healthier liver, among other health benefits, but I don’t mind this side effect of losing 5kgs! smile emoticon But beware! Before trying out this method, do experience first hand the 4-day Wellness Retreat that Healing Present gives. You need proper education and guidance. Trust me, it’s worth every penny!
We use organic coffee harvested from Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm…. Best to try the 4-day Wellness Retreat offered by Healing Present coz there are tons of healthy options they would teach you! Our kids have stopped eating MEAT and drinking MILK coz of the 4-day Wellness Retreat! If you’re planning to do the retreat, bring the whole family! It’s ALL WORTH IT!

She sought treatment for weight gain and lethargy. She completed several weeks of juicing program. After her 3rd day of the juicing program, she thanked the Healing Present Founder:

Thanks Eleanor, I feel energized…I feel SO alive today! Went cycling 6am and also at the gym at lunchtime…I do have so much energy than only 3 days ago!!! I am enjoying the juice. Never going to be your star ‘detoxifying’ girl cause I enjoy my drink and food too much but I am doing a good 3/4’s of a day with it so it’s an improvement.

Mai, a mother of 3 and self-employed photographer, consulted Healing Present for weight loss and her goiter. She completed the 4 day wellness retreat. Afterwards, her immune system was strengthened, weight was regulated and energy level improved. She continues to be a vegetarian and writes:

Because sometimes, I feel that I need to uproot myself from city life (the crazy traffic, household dilemmas, deadlines, and meetings) and the humdrum of my busy schedule… My family and I went to Healing Present Wellness Farm in Balamban for four days. There, I learned to commune with nature and be grateful for the moment. It felt surreal being there! It was so quiet, it was deafening in a good way. It was just myself, the place and a higher being. I couldn’t describe the peacefulness and the happiness. It was like magic dust were sprinkled everywhere. And when I see the trees dance with the wind and look at the sky like I could just hold their fluffiness. Everything I experienced there was new to my senses.