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Lovely, Leafy Lagoons
By Michelle Domocol Back to Inflourish: Cebu Blog Lush lagoons are a wonderful site to relax. Sitting beside a …
Atis: The Ice Cream growing on Trees
By Michelle Domocol Back to Inflourish: Cebu This September, atis is available at most fruit markets around the Philippines. …

Welcome to the Inflourish Cebu Blog! In this blog, Healing Present’s landscape designer, Michelle Domocol, shares design inspiration, farming methods, and gardening techniques for you to explore.

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Unfortunately, Healing Present’s programs are temporarily suspended due to the pandemic. We want to ensure the safety of our on-site staff and the safety of our wider community.

However, Healing Present still wants to offer health education and remain connected with you. So thanks to our online education efforts, we offer insights from our incredible landscaping installation crew and landscape designer. In the past, many retreat participants and farm visitors ask us how we designed and built the farm and gardens. Well here’s your exclusive view to the design and practices key to our farm and forest operations. Enjoy!

Landscape design renderings, collages, & illustrations are created by Michelle Domocol. All rights reserved. Copyright©2022 Michelle Domocol.