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Our NEW! Ebook, A Healing Sojourn, is an inspirational collection of stories and timeless wisdom on compassion, living passionately, self-acceptance, empowerment, and forgiveness.

Our Edible Garden Design books & Award-Winning Cookbooks are definitive guides in gardening and creating delicious recipes for healthy meals, sweets, and snacks for children and for the young at heart. 

Proceeds from book sales support children’s nutrition programs, health education, and environmental stewardship programs.

A Healing Sojourn  is a joyful collection of timeless quotes and Healing Present retreatants’ reflections on

  • living passionately,
  • self-empowerment,
  • self-acceptance,
  • Nature connectedness,
  • forgiveness,
  • mindfulness, &
  • compassion.

The powerful quotes, reflective exercises, and narratives in A Healing Sojourn are inspired by retreatants’ incredible breakthroughs.


A Healing Sojourn is a compass that does not point you to your true north but instead to your center. I was absorbed by the truth embedded in its fabric of genuineness. I found a certain hope from the deepest part of my spirituality that brought me to the higher stream of consciousness of life and living. I am holding on to it to pursue my personal mission with a renewed state of clarity and calmness.”

HR / Training Consultant

“A book that came out after the pandemic, A Healing Sojourn is a timely collection of retreatants’ memories, wisdom, and lessons distilled into inspiring quotes and passages that reflect the beauty of the human’s soul. Deeply introspective and highly inquisitive, the book challenges a reader to open up to possibilities of baring ones’ self, and paring down to what is essential and existential. This is a book one must have in the shelf, if only to remind us every day that life is beautiful; that life is a healing journey and a celebration of mind, body and soul.”

-JOSELITO “BOBOI” COSTAS, Founder of Grassroots Travel & Director of Ecotourism for Eco Explorations

A Healing Sojourn is full of wisdom, hope, and words of support from teachers, authors and friends you have never met…other seekers who found healing through the beautiful work at the Healing Present Nature & Wellness Center. You will be inspired in your own healing journey by reading this book.”

-ELIZABETH LESSER, cofounder of Omega Institute, author of Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow & other bestselling books

A Healing Sojourn, shows us the blessings of holistic mental healthcare through genuine narratives and timeless wisdom. This book also inspires a holistic transformation in our physical, spiritual, and emotional lives.”

DR. PUREZA TRINIDAD-OÑATE, M.D., General, Child, and Adolescent Psychiatrist & Medical Director of Perpetual Succour Hospital (Cebu City, Philippines)

“This book, A Healing Sojourn, is a treasure. Every page shines with the warmth of love. It is a deeply moving account of courage, self-respect, wisdom and total giving of self for the good of others. To have the foundress of a health organization, Healing Present Nature and Wellness Center, Inc., and author of holistic books, write this book and dedicate it to the participants of health retreats is a manifestation of what deep commitment to genuine service to others really means. You have to read this!”


Both of our limited edition cookbooks are definitive guides for healthy meals, sweets and snacks for children and for the young at heart. 

Our cookbooks are packed with over 200 pages of enticing, nutritious, and easy-to-prepare lunches, dinners, ice creams, custards, truffles and appetizers. 

Each recipe is an immense opportunity to stay healthy and finally achieve your health goals.

We also sell softcover and hardcover PRINT editions of our cookbooks through our office and retail outlets in the Philippines:

Healing Present Headquarters available for Cookbook Pick-up:

Headquarters. BC Homes Subdivision, 7 Calle Plata, Lahug, Cebu City

Local Stores in the Philippines where you can Pick-up our Cookbooks:

Beautiful Memories from our Wellness Programs and Organic Cookbook Recipe demonstrations.

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