We are Healing Present Nature & Wellness Center

The farmers, staff and supporters of Healing Present Nature and Wellness Center envision a global community working in harmony with nature to sustain healthy lifestyles.  Our programs in Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm fulfill two aims: a) treat illnesses with nutrition and holistic therapies and b) offer health education.  With the treatment aims, we offer people with organic and nutritional therapies so they can lead healthier lives. While our reforestation and educational programs aims teach program participants and customers how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

We offer tours through our farm and reforestation projects to teach farmers and community members sustainable land management, reforestation and healthy farming methods.

Mission & Vision

We envision a global community equipped with the skills and knowledge to attain long-lasting health.  Our approaches to health focus on nutrition, environmental sustainability projects and health education.

Healing Present Nature and Wellness Center is a space for nature and farm tours and health education projects that aim to empower and transform individuals seeking live healthier lives.  We reach out to the global community to provide progressive health education and long lasting nutritional treatments.