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Nestled in the fragile upland Cebu forests, Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm advocates of healthy environments, healthy people and effective environmental stewardship.  A healthy body is only possible with a healthy environment. Without a healthy environment, our programs and treatment approaches are ineffective. A healthy environment gives you nutritious food,  spiritual enrichment, cognitive development, enjoyment and unforgettable aesthetic joy. As stewards, Healing Present Nature and Wellness Center staff practices indigenous forest restoration, sustainable organic farming and responsible stewardship of our water, land, and air.

we practice Organic Farming & reforestation that Respects the Environment

Through native reforestation, we repair damaged natural areas and ensure biodiversity conservation in upland Cebu area. Tree species are carefully selected and managed to ensure the ecological health of the farm and surrounding areas.

In combination with reforestation, Healing Present practices organic farm production. We use this food cultivation approach because it keeps air, water, and soil clean. One hectare of Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm is used to grow produce in Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm’s bistro meals and products. By eating and using Healing Present Organic ingredients, you limit your exposure to synthetic pesticides that damage skin, cause cancer and deteriorate nervous systems . Finally, organic meals limit your intake of genetically modified foods–they damage your bodily health and environmental health.  

FARM & forest TOURS

Our farm and pocket forests are open for private tours. Contact us to book your tour.

If you are interested in supporting Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm by donation or volunteering your skill, contact us. We are looking for environmental educators, farmers and social media experts.

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Visit and Explore  the 17-hectare Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm and pocket forests! We offer group tours to families, community groups, school groups, and business teams.  Whether you’re interested in good food, holistic therapies, eco-tourism, sustainable agriculture, or outdoor fun, you’ll love our farm. During our tours you can learn about the sustainable architecture of our facilities, health education programs, retreats, and organic farm.